REVAMP 2.0 Lorraine Marie

there's been time and space from the decision to change my business, it's in the moments that you know something has to change. the heart and soul isn't there, the frustration, the tears I let out, the loss I felt to now finding a moment to enjoy photography for me and blogging for myself. 

when I made the choice that my magazine was taking up more time and photography less time, I realized that one of the things on my plate needed to go. heck, i even contemplated letting my site lapse but instead of jumping to quick... which is typically my normal reaction, I took time off, and now that I feel there's been distance, I'm happy that I kept this space..even if it's just for myself. 

Warm Regards,

Finding My Joy, A Gratitude Project

It's the end of the first week of my gratitude project, and I found myself feeling restless with clutter and decided to tackle it head on. First the laundry room.. bin by bin, I said goodbye to old cake decorating supplies, some pet accessories that have gone unnoticed for too long, shoes that are ignored, lamp shades we don't use and a bag full of neglected clothes.  I then moved upstairs, going through the office, discarding old papers, shredding old documents, filling up bag after bag of recycling, I moved through each of the upstairs room, purging the medicine cabinets, the hallway closet saying goodbye to hair products, a hair roller set that keeps getting pushed to the back of the closet, along with endless amounts of useless things that don't really have a place in our lives. It's amazing to me the amount of stuff we accumulate, like the StarTrek© Tribbles that seem to multiply, stuff just begins to take over.. and all I can hear the late comedian, George Carlin, shouting "WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!"
There are still rooms to tackle and purge, toys and home school books hiding in the basement but I feel like this is a good start to the year, there just might be something to minimalism! 

Local Edmonton Business Feature: Appletree Photography

Melissa is owner of Appletree Photography, Birth Photographer, Mama to her amazing kids, Cook-Extraordinaire! It was a pleasure to be able to photograph her for the YEG Inspired Magazine, where she was a feature advertising partner!  
Melissa's home office is located in the Stony/Spruce Grove area where she serves local families in the Edmonton and surrounding regions.  When you come into her space, it's filled with this wonderful light, it's so bright and airy, making you feel right at home. She has elements of her branding through out her space, apple scented candles, newborn onesies and her signature apple brand is on display. There are so many heart warming touches, personal thank you notes from clients mixed among her gallery wall. It's really wonderful! 

Question on starting up a photography business, go to SHOOT, DOT, EDIT 


The Steven's Family : Elk Island Family Session

My friend, Kess sold her Elk Island home, moving her family into the city but the week before they moved & were completely packed up, she hired me to come over to photograph them for a Life Session and to help celebrate their first home as we ventured around their beautiful property reminiscing about some of their fondest memories. 

Thank you Kess, I wish you all the best! 


I pulled up to Kess's place around 4:30pm & like any country home, my welcoming crew included a very friendly greeting by Kess's dog, Walter (love that name) & the neighbours doberman, Apollo, that they were taking care of that weekend. They have lived almost 7.5 years. It's their first home as a family, and holds a special place in their hearts. 

The Steven's family session reminds me of Hans Christian Anderson's quote from the Complete Book of Fairy Tales,
“Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”  

Tonight we had plenty of sunshine and even a few butterflies. 


Local Edmonton Business Feature : Full Circle Birth Collective

Several years ago I photographed local Doula and Birth Educator, Sonya Duffee-Seguin and her local home based business the Full Circle Birth Collective. While the collective has grown and changed since 2013, I wanted to bring back this session to highlight an alternative to the traditional business profile. If you own a local Edmonton and area business that compliments parenting, birth, children's fashion, baby needs, I do have Business features available and as a bonus include a feature in the new Inspired-Magazine . Click on  to ask about how Lorraine Marie Fotography & Inspired can support your local yeg business