Birthday Party & NOWradio

When our home school community gets together to celebrate a birthday, we momma's like to pull out all the stops!Home Schooling mama, Joanne had planned a simple birthday party for her son Cayden on May 22nd....Let's meet up at the skatepark and we'll hang out, let the kids play, eat some cake, open some presents and everyone will have a good time....or so, that was the hope. Well, this time the conspirator, Jane decided to KICK this party up a notch and called in the crew from our favourite radio station, NOW Radio 102.3  to come on out and join the party.  That's right, Jane made a request on Twitter ..and sure enough the Popsicle Truck came out to celebrate with us. ..Though, I don't think Jeff knew what he was in for once Joanne's daughter, Kamryn found out about the treasure of sugar that Jeff kept sealed in the cooler. Little did he know what a battle he'd have on his hands with the little sugar-kin Kamryn trying to sneak attack and plunder the spoils of Jeff's cooler popsicle stash. Hat's off to you Kamryn for trying, but all of us home schooling mama's thought Jeff deserved a medal of honour for putting up with little Miss. K and her efforts......Which is why reinforcements needed to be brought in, after Jeff left, the friendly neighbourhood Peace Patrol from the local detachment came by to make sure Miss. K was behaving herself..turns out because Jane called Jeff..the RCMP had to detain Jane for getting Kamryn sugared up and because Joanne instigated the party planning, she was made out to be an accomplice.

...oh ya, we home schooling mama's know how to cause a stir..or at least have a good time



P.S. Thanks NOW!Radio & Jeff! You all rock!

Happy Birthday Cayden!!

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Jane & the cops
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Being detained for questioning on Kamryn's Sugar Addiction, Accomplice Joanne with Instigator Jane.

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