Circle Square Ranch {Sherwood Park Life Photographer}

In the summer of 1980 my parents blessed me and my brother to a week of camp up at Circle Square Ranch. With what seemed like the longest drive to a 10 year old, we finally arrived pulling off the highway and onto the Coulee road. As we entered the ranch, we drove over the rumble strips of the cattle gate (now covered by a foot of gravel but rediscovered this weekend), I had found a home away from home. Though it was ages ago, I recall feeling completely unsure and nervous as my parents helped me to get settled into my cabin, the Coulee Laundry. Soon enough, I made some new friends but still not to sure of my surroundings, Bumble (aka Bernice Doan) helped to ease me into camp life. It didn't take long and the Ranch would quickly become my spiritual home over the next 8 years, not only as a camper but as a staff member. Even though I stopped going there after I turned 18, the ranch was always close to my heart and in my dreams. 35 years later, the ranch is still home, I imagine it always will be.

Much Love & Blessings, Lorraine

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