In the good ol' summertime

Summertime It's only January and I'm thinking about summer, torturing myself I know~ …. But, in all honesty, it can't be helped. I was going through organizing my personal images when I stumbled upon an overnight camping trip with my friend, Trish and her daughters out at the lake.  This was one of the last trips before the end of the season, the leaves were hinting that they were about to change colour, the smell of fall was in the air and soon we'd back into our routines with our families. They remind me that our summers are just to short, but they also make me stop and appreciate the opportunities I have to spend with friends without the noise of the city, or the distractions from social media that constantly grab for our attention in our media connected world.  It's also giving me some inspiration as to what I'd like to be doing next year but first I need to head over to Pinterest, for a little Pinning Party on a winters day!

Stay warm & cozy, Lorraine xoxo

 wabamun lake camping 

Fresh Baked …ahem..(sobey's) Cinnamon Buns! mmmmm...

 edmonton family photographer camping 

Camping lends itself to chocolate milk and fruit loops in a cup! 


Wabamun Lake in the morning, so peaceful!