Honouring those who serve

We grew up as army kids, my dad served in the military (Royal Canadian Regiment, 2 RCR) up until I was in grade 1.  My dad's the guy you'll always see sporting his pro-militia t-shirt, his 2 RCR lapel pin, his yellow ribbon magnet on his bumper of the car and he'll be the first to support his friends who have served. So back In October, my dad and I took an overnight road trip to Penticton BC to meet one of his buddies, Bob, that has served for our country. We met up with Bob and his wife for breakfast and then they took us over to the Veteran's Memorial Park downtown. The park that existed here before was just a monument, it wasn't landscaped or maintained. There were no other monuments to honour all those that had served, no tributes to those that had gone before and who currently serve. Bob brought change, working long hours, investing time, money and resources for the beautiful park that exists today. Without the efforts they put forward only the Monument would be there.. but with other veteran's they established this beautiful park, and Bob couldn't be prouder then to share it with us while we were there. Thanks to all the men and women who have served for our country, continue to fight for our country and continue to stand up to see change happen for all military who have served so that we can all remember, appreciate and honour what they have done for each of us! God Bless!