Throwback Thursdays... Girls on Film!

With throwback thursdays on Instagram or on Facebook I'm going to jump on in and share one of me.  

This is me, a LONG Time ago.. we're talking 1988. I was dating a National Geographic photographer, was completely loving photography. One night, bored... I took this selfie (before selfie's were called selfies and yes, I'm dating myself here) of me in my little bachelor apartment looking into the mirror. 
You can't see my face.. but, this image represents me and my dreams. At the time I didn't think much of it but it held more weight then I thought. 
A little back story.....
When I was still in high school, I lived in Mr Hopkin's photography class.. spending a good portion of time in the dark room. Taking the classroom camera, an old Pentax, walking around the school taking photos of friends, the hallways, gym class, more often than not it was random useless stuff. But, the aspiration was there to be a photographer. I also had my dad's camera then and took it with me camp, to go hang out with friends, on vacations. 

So what happened? Well.. I was young.. and not vocal enough.. my parents had moved back to Ontario.... my dad asked me if he could have his gear back.. (rightly so, I had it for a few years.. you know, I did the daughter thing.. and claimed it as my own while I was still in high school) but the day I brought it back on my trip home to Kitchener, was the day I realized that I was letting go of a dream, an inspiration for what I could be. I didn't say anything.. didn't think I could.. didn't share my dream.. kept it to myself. (not fair to anyone.. myself.. my dream).. 
Anyhow.. before .. I go all pity party on you.. 
Fast Forward to another little throwback from this image of me.. with my dad's camera.. recreating that moment 26 years later! 

Edmonton Film Photographer 

Shooting film this summer, and becoming a photographer 8+ years ago.. is my encouragement to you.. not to give up on dreams.. even delayed dreams that get aborted too soon.. Tell someone your dream.. let them sow into your vision, your dream (someone who will support you in it), take a class, or a workshop. And, if you don't have anyone who'll listen to your creative dreams as an artist.. I'll listen! Don't let 26 years of delay or a lack of voice be the reason to let your dream die. I want to be that force of encouragement to press on toward your goal & to live in your purpose!