Remembering, Remembrance Day

I took a drive today around the city, after all the ceremonies, taking pause to honour those that have served and gave so much of their lives for so many. With the little I can do, my heartfelt thanks goes out to each individual that gave so much. 

 Edmonton photographer, No stone Left Alone : Remembrance day

 While driving around, I was very much aware how much I'm thankful for because of the many acts of service and the sacrifices that have been made. I freely go about my day, sometimes with out even pausing to think of all the little things I do because of what has been done for me, for my family, my neighbours, for the city I live in, for this country and those abroad. I have so much, because so many gave far more than I can imagine... for this I'm so thankful for!

 Remembrance Day, Edmonton. Leave no stone