An Edmonton Family Session with the Bond's

Corrine & I met a few years ago through home schooling and we're also book-buddies. I'm in her awesome book club where we meet up once a month, go out for appetizers & wine.. catch up on life, kids and talk about whether a book was top shelf or a total flop and hits the bottom drawer.... without her, I just don't read for enjoyment the way I'd like to. She's my literary lifeline, she's my "good-reads"!  
She's always a huge encourager, has a big mama heart and well one of the sweeetest people I know! So, when she called me back in October needing some new photo's for Christmas, we quickly made it happen, hitting up a quiet little spot in the city and did some exploring with her & her awesome crew down by the creek.


For her session, it was a Lifestyle sessions (still documentary), the kids get to be kids, play, explore & enjoy the day as a family. With her session, and the majority of lifestyle/documentary it's a little like having your own paparazzi for a few hours. Which means, sometimes I'll be right there and other times I'll go dashing off, shoot with a longer lens, creating some distance and giving you the freedom without feeling your under the glare of the camera. It gives the kids a chance to relax without being center stage but, for some they love the camera and are ready to pop up and be  the star of the show! Much like Corrine's son, Jackson! He's the family comedian.. though, his dad, Kent has a good humour streak running through him!

Image set below: Jackson takes the chance to be the goofy little brother & cause his big sister some trouble! .. But, Jackson gets a little surprise of his own with Gaebriela getting back at him when he least expects it. 

 family portrait photography 

Exploring the creek, Kent and the kids inspect a tree, lifting up a piece of bark - home to a bug population.. ewww. But the kids loved it!

Corrine & Kent, took a few moments to speak into their kids lives, pausing for a moment to appreciate each other and their kids, an important reminder when our kids grow up so fast. 

And I can't forget about Princess, the family dog.. she looks completely regal in her surroundings!

One of my favourite moments in the session was when Kent & Corrine joined in on Jackson's goofy endeavours.. following his wonky walking lead! Jackson, you are full of spunk and I love it! 

Amazing Race Fans.. This is just for you! On our way back to the cars, we came across this couple making their audition tape for Amazing Race Canada. 
They look to be a good team in their matching plaid onesies. I wonder if they'd do the race in them.. hmmmm either way, they're rocking the onesie!