Get your images off the computer and onto your walls!

Guilty as charged! 

It's true.. I do forget to print my own images as much as the next guy! My goal this year has been to print as much as I can for myself, for my kids, for my hubby..and well for my lonely walls! It's been a little over a year when we moved into our first-brand-new-built-for-us-house. A lifetime of marriage and we did something we thought we'd never do and that was build new.  The walls have been so fresh, that I've been a little apprehensive about hammering into them. There's a few pictures here and there.. but it's time to dazzle up the walls to showcase a little family love. 

For this project, I chose a selection of prints of my family from this last year. A mix of holiday travel, some personal family photos of the kids and some of my hubby, were ordered from my print supply company. They come in a set of 21, printed in a 5 x 5 format on a beautiful heavy weight fine art paper.  I love the texture of them and the way they feel. If you do want to know more about them ask me and I'd be glad to send you a price. 


Once my prints arrived I drove over to South Edmonton Common, scoured through Ikea, Marshalls aka..Home Sense, and every other home decor store in the area and then as a last resort stopped into Michael's craft store, combed the rows of frames and rejoiced (a happy dance may or may not been done in the aisle) when I found a set of 4 frames that would work perfectly for my wall. Unfortunately, Michaels only had the one package left (sad face) leaving me in a state flux. I need 3 more packages to complete my wall, leaving me waiting for their next shipment. I'm hopeful they'll have more in stock this weekend, which means I'll be posting a follow up with my newly decorated walls!

Alberta family photographer 

So, If you're like me.. you've had your session.. you've gone on a family trip.. and you still have images sitting on a computer, resting up in a cloud,bring them down & print them off. Give them a new life where they'll be appreciated by your family! And then show me your image you can Instagram them, and tag me, I'd love to see what you've done! 
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