Novembers Challenge! 20 days of Blogging

This month I'm challenging myself to blog for 20 days..  ya, I could blog everyday.. but I'm not superwoman.. so I'll go with attempting 20days. .and hopefully I won't completely exhaust myself! .. it also means.. (gulp).. a post daily through the week! 

My first post is from the collection of "Fine Art Portraits" I did for the home school community. These sessions were based on getting kids, to be themselves. Not pose perfectly for the camera, no flashbulbs, no chin down, sit forward.. instead, I wanted to hear about their minecraft adventures, their silly stories of what dad does when he's being goofy, the funny faces they make when mom's not looking.. I want the real, the genuine.. and the sometimes serious child.. who in their gentle somber way, still showed off their wonderful personalities!

Thankyou to the home school community of Edmonton!! I'm looking forward to doing another series coming up in November for Callingwood Market  and  Box Social Event Planning. Stay tuned for details!