Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White

When I process images into black and white, I pick and choose which ones I think will work best, some images will work while others look best in colour. I'll be going a through a session in Lightroom and come to an image that leaps out at me, begging to be edited as black & white. That image is then set apart from the others in a series or a session. I don't think all images should be done as black and white, a reason why I use artist discretion when delivering client images and will not deliver an entire set in both black and white and in colour.   

Here are my Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White Images. 

  1. Black & White is beautiful when you want an image to lose all the distractions. An image in colour can compete for your attention, your eyes may dart through out the scene, different patterns, textures, where a Black & White image can draw you completely into the subject. 
 Sherwood Park Family Session, Black and White photography 

2. Black & white is timeless, it's not depicted by a fashion statement or a current trend. You can look at an image and wonder if it was taken today or 10 years ago. It stands the test of time! 

 Brothers - Family Photo Session. Sherwood Park, Alberta 

3. Black & White plays to the shadows. The living room blinds casts a shadow on the chair creating a contrast between light and dark. It's  one of the reasons why I love this image and shot it intentionally. 

 Black and White photography challenge. 

If you'd like a little assignment, next time you're shooting your kids, edit your photos two different ways.. keep one in colour and then make a second one in black and white. What changes do you appreciate? Does it work as a black and white, why or why not? Experiment, play with whatever camera you're using and see which image will play to the strength of black and white. If you do this and your on Instagram, tag me in them, I'd love to see them @LorraineMarie or #lorrainemariefotography