What Not to Wear For Your Family Session!

You've booked your session with me, but you're starting to over analyze what to wear, what do you pick for the kids, do you style everything to the last detail, will you make sure that hubby is looking good, like it's date night?? Do you hit up Old Navy.. and replicate their mannequin family?? All things to consider.. but with Lifestyle/Documentary it's a much more relaxed approach then typical sessions.

Lifestyle & Documentary sessions are not about spending a ton of money on outfits for your session. It can get to the point where one person just feels to overwhelmed and causes not only yourself stress, but puts stress on your family. That's not what booking a session with me should like.. EVER! I talked a lot about this in my A-Ha Moment.. and why I choose a less stressful option for families. It's important that people know where I'm coming from when they're looking to invest in a session with yours truly. 

But, you're still asking yourself.. so Lorraine.. what do we wear? how do I make sure that we all look good for our session? 

 Family Farm BBQ, Sherwood Park 

 #1 .  If you're thinking matchy, matchy... I'm going to put my foot down right there. If what you're looking for is co-ordinated cuteness overload.. think.. all matching white shirts and blue jeans..that's a big "N-O!" 

#2. Skip the malls and I'd encourage you to take a moment and look no further then what you wear every day, behind that closet door, there's a fabulous comfy tunic and some leggings that scream out to you everyday.. and you love them as much they love you. Ask yourself, what do I feel beautiful in? What makes you smile.. wear that! 

#3.. If you're kids want to wear there Melissa & Doug dress up space costume, I say "go for it!" .. if it's raining and the kids want to grab their rubber boots and yellow rain slickers.. all the cuter.. let's do that! 

#4. But my kids hair!!! He just chopped his hair & dyed it a funky colour.. .. cool! That shows  personality and they're comfortable as they are.. you should be too. Let's embrace that. 

#5 Sessions should be comfortable for everyone involved.. Don't fuss over your partner, they get dressed every day.. and I'm sure whatever they choose will be good. .. that being said.. don't pick the shirt with mustard stains.. unless you have a deep sentimental attachment to that shirt. (kidding).

If you need some sessions ideas... you can peruse this session I photographed while in Arizona for fellow photographer, Jenn.. just to feed your inspiration.. I also have some on my Pinterest page you can go through.

What's really the most important thing for your session, is who you are spending it with. Not driving yourself bonkers trying to style your family. Change your mindset to: What will your day be? What as a family will we plan to do? 

                                                                   An at-home Newborn Session, called a Fresh 48 

                                                                  An at-home Newborn Session, called a Fresh 48 

Will it be pancakes in the afternoon? a family bbq? camping? Will it be around the holidays, decorating the tree? Will it be a day of errands with the littles? a trip to the zoo?

 Preschool, daughter story telling session

Will you go around your favourite neighbourhood, shop in the little market.. grab ice-cream or eat at your favourite fast food place? or maybe, you'll just stay home and do some art with your kids.

Either way..
your Life Session with your crew will be fantastic! You'll treasure the day you've spent together, far more than the time running from store to store. When you go through your family album, you'll see that a storytelling session was more about the memories then worrying about what to wear. 

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