My 2015 Year at a Glance & Hopes & Dreams for 2016

2015, Wow already 7 days since you left us. But, here's a quick look back at what the year held. 

  • Started off the year with a Business Retreat to focus on Plans & Goals for the Year
  • Attended a writing/ journaling class that stretched me beyond belief but continues to influence me today. 
  • Travelled to Arizona and photographed the lovely Jenn V and family
  • Art Showing at the Tea Girl for the month of February
  • Attended Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver (attending again in 2016)
  •  Attended the Rocky Mountain Film Get Away
  • Did a total of 15 sessions this year! 

2016, You are already looking pretty fabulous, and we are only in our first week! Looking forward to all that you have, here's a look at what's coming up...

  • 4th Photography show held at The Tea Girl this January 
  • Vacation with the family this January. 
  • A new Directory to locate Documentary/Lifestyle Photographers across Canada launching February 1st. 
  • The Launch of the Brand Referral Program 
  • Newsletter with lots of goodies for those that sign up 
  • Model Call for Newborn Minimal Session (late January through February).. Send those Newborns my way!! :D 
  • cheduled to attend the Canada Photo Convention in April with my lovely daughter, Alora. 
  • On my wish list of sessions to photograph : A Child in an astronaut suit , super heroe costume & 2 travel sessions in Canada! 
  • I'd love to be featured on one my favourite blogs! 
  • and enter my work into some competitions