It's a brand new space!

It's been a long time coming.. our family did a move into the city this fall, and since then, business has been quiet. There's been a lot of elements that added to the quiet factor, but now that life is settling back down from our fall move, I know there are changes that need to be made

For the last few years, I've been using a wordpress platform for business (prophoto) but even with the flexibility the site has, it was getting a little frustrating to manage.. so much so, that I didn't want to blog my images, or the stories behind them. The site just looked deflated & reflecting how I was feeling.

 I debated about what I needed to do.. and what I should do. What I did need to do was either give my website a kick in the pants, or send it to the curb... Whatever I did, I needed to inject something into my business.  Not being sure of what I was wanting, I sat down and made notes about what was needed. 

My site needed something that was flexible, that would showcase my brand, my business and my images. I needed to be able to change it without the hassle of coding, or widgets, gadgets or gidgets. Heck, I'm a photographer, and if the website isn't doing what I need it do, then that puts me at a huge disadvantage.

Enter The Define School.

I had just completed another Define class with Posy Quarterman on business, that wrapped up last month, and going through some of the material post class,  I was eager to give my site an overhaul.  The next set of classes had been released and one class caught my eye, on Unbranding but wasn't sure how it would translate over with my current blogging/site platform. While I contemplated whether the class with Sharon would work, I was super eager to check out the Square space site... I looked at the templates, and watched videos (all before the class has started).. and I've been sitting here pondering about how I would refresh my site. Some days, things just hit you in the face.. way to obvious.. why stay with my current platform and try and make my prophoto into a Square Space site, when I could just... wait for it.. Just use SquareSpace. Which brings me to me parting ways with my old platform. I haven't even started the class (it begins March 9th).. and I'm taking the leap! 
Now to wait for class to begin! 

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