The Afters

Welcome to the Yeoman’s house.
Friend and fellow photographer, Bobby of Wildrose Photography invited me to come over to photograph one of the last days in their first home in Spruce Grove.  The home where her and Justin started out as a couple, raised two children, Max & Rachel, celebrated milestones as a family, decorated their walls with family photos and memories. But, the walls are shrinking around them as their lives change, they need room to grow for their family, it’s time for a new place and In a week after their session they’ll be at their new home, beginning renovations, starting fresh.
When I arrived, one of my favourite bands was about to set up and start their warm up for their upcoming set that morning, The Afters. Asked the hubs, if I could take some photos, he gave me the thumbs up & ever so thankful that I always have my camera with me to get a once-in-a-lifetime-for-me-shot of these guys playing. 

Thanks Afters for making an errand to bring hubbies wallet so much better then what this momma could've asked for. The only downside was I couldn't stay longer to watch them play because the youth delegates would be entering and jamming the place full and I needed to head before they did. Hopefully, one day I'll get to go and hear them play in concert.. but for now, I'm on a total music crush high that I had this little golden opportunity! Love Life! 


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