Yeoman Family - Spruce Grove Family Session

Welcome to the Yeoman’s house.
Friend and fellow photographer, Bobby of Wildrose Photography invited me to come over to photograph one of the last days in their first home in Spruce Grove.  The home where her and Justin started out as a couple, raised two children, Max & Rachel, celebrated milestones as a family, decorated their walls with family photos and memories. But, the walls are shrinking around them as their lives change, they need room to grow for their family, it’s time for a new place and In a week after their session they’ll be at their new home, beginning renovations, starting fresh.

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Max’s room, a favourite place to play.. 

Pop guns.. 


And all his stuffed animals! A treasure trove for a little boy! 


Playing family games in the living room, Max is going for the win but his little sister Rachel doesn’t mess around, she may be younger but she still can make her hippo gobble up the pieces just as fast as her big brother!


Rachel’s full of energy, she goes.. and fast.... she crawls with full determination… nothing slows her down for long…. maybe just for a quick change..a few tickles and some raspberries-zurburts from mom.. but she’ll be off again exploring in no time! 


Favourite games. 

Rachel will sit on her mama's lap, she'll hear Max coming down the hall.. She knows the game is on..
The anticipation of him running into her room to get her.. she gets so excited....she looks at her momma, sees Bobby's expression.. and knows what about to come.. she hides herself in Bobbie's arms..  laughter breaks out,  giggles ensue as Max runs toward her and he's......


Game on! Game on! 

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  Edmonton Family Photos 

Max's favourite stuffy, his bear!

Created for him by his Uncle, gifts of love, handmade for a wonderful little boy and his best buddy! xxx

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Bobby & Justin’s kitchen

A little afternoon pick me up is required to keep up with the crew. 

Evening plans are made

Coordinating the big move schedules.. 

Some peppermint tea for Max & Earl Grey for Bobby. 

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Soon enough, boxes will fill this home & the Yeoman family will be celebrating the next season of adventures in renovating their new country home!