Finding My Joy, A Gratitude Project

It's the end of the first week of my gratitude project, and I found myself feeling restless with clutter and decided to tackle it head on. First the laundry room.. bin by bin, I said goodbye to old cake decorating supplies, some pet accessories that have gone unnoticed for too long, shoes that are ignored, lamp shades we don't use and a bag full of neglected clothes.  I then moved upstairs, going through the office, discarding old papers, shredding old documents, filling up bag after bag of recycling, I moved through each of the upstairs room, purging the medicine cabinets, the hallway closet saying goodbye to hair products, a hair roller set that keeps getting pushed to the back of the closet, along with endless amounts of useless things that don't really have a place in our lives. It's amazing to me the amount of stuff we accumulate, like the StarTrek¬© Tribbles that seem to multiply, stuff just begins to take over.. and all I can hear the late comedian, George Carlin, shouting "WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!"
There are still rooms to tackle and purge, toys and home school books hiding in the basement but I feel like this is a good start to the year, there just might be something to minimalism!