The Steven's Family : Elk Island Family Session

My friend, Kess sold her Elk Island home, moving her family into the city but the week before they moved & were completely packed up, she hired me to come over to photograph them for a Life Session and to help celebrate their first home as we ventured around their beautiful property reminiscing about some of their fondest memories. 

Thank you Kess, I wish you all the best! 


I pulled up to Kess's place around 4:30pm & like any country home, my welcoming crew included a very friendly greeting by Kess's dog, Walter (love that name) & the neighbours doberman, Apollo, that they were taking care of that weekend. They have lived almost 7.5 years. It's their first home as a family, and holds a special place in their hearts. 

The Steven's family session reminds me of Hans Christian Anderson's quote from the Complete Book of Fairy Tales,
“Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”  

Tonight we had plenty of sunshine and even a few butterflies. 


Shutters & Strollers, A Canadian Directory for Documentary Family Photographers

Last month I launched a really special project, Shutters & Strollers, a Canadian Directory for Photographers like myself that feature documentary and lifestyle photographers. I started the directory because I was on the hunt for a site that wasn't all american based, I wanted to find a resource that would showcase and feature Canadian photographers

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Home For the Holidays, An Edmonton Holiday Session

Christmas & Holiday sessions are some of my favourite! Happy to be able to share this one that was photographed in early November. 

 Edmonton Windermere Christmas Photo Session

And as the kids begin to hang the ornaments, you may reminisce of how this one Grandpa gave you on your first Christmas, or that one you made when you were a child.. but is now slightly worn but still holds a special place in your heart. It's the sharing of the memories, creating new ones for your family. The ornaments may not seem like much, but they hold a treasure all their own. 

What Not to Wear For Your Family Session!

You've booked your session with me, but you're starting to over analyze what to wear, what do you pick for the kids, do you style everything to the last detail, will you make sure that hubby is looking good, like it's date night?? Do you hit up Old Navy.. and replicate their mannequin family?? All things to consider.. but with Lifestyle/Documentary it's a much more relaxed approach then typical sessions.

Lifestyle & Documentary sessions are not about spending a ton of money on outfits for your session. It can get to the point where one person just feels to overwhelmed and causes not only yourself stress, but puts stress on your family. That's not what booking a session with me should like.. EVER! 

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An Edmonton Family Session with the Bond's

Corrine & I met a few years ago through home schooling and we're also book-buddies. I'm in her awesome book club where we meet up once a month, go out for appetizers & wine.. catch up on life, kids and talk about whether a book was top shelf or a total flop and hits the bottom drawer.... without her, I just don't read for enjoyment the way I'd like to. She's my literary lifeline, she's my "good-reads"!  
She's always a huge encourager, has a big mama heart and well one of the sweeetest people I know! So, when she called me back in October needing some new photo's for Christmas, we quickly made it happen, hitting up a quiet little spot in the city and did some exploring with her & her awesome crew down by the creek.

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