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An Edmonton Family Session with the Bond's

Corrine & I met a few years ago through home schooling and we're also book-buddies. I'm in her awesome book club where we meet up once a month, go out for appetizers & wine.. catch up on life, kids and talk about whether a book was top shelf or a total flop and hits the bottom drawer.... without her, I just don't read for enjoyment the way I'd like to. She's my literary lifeline, she's my "good-reads"!  
She's always a huge encourager, has a big mama heart and well one of the sweeetest people I know! So, when she called me back in October needing some new photo's for Christmas, we quickly made it happen, hitting up a quiet little spot in the city and did some exploring with her & her awesome crew down by the creek.

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Edmonton Child

I love surprises, opening up a little present, not knowing what's inside, and then seeing something that hits your hearts desire.. those are the best surprises! That's what I received the morning I arrived at my office and opened up an email from Chris Reeve from Edmonton Child Publication. She was looking for someone to work with them on a Edmonton Child feature spread.

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