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I Love NYC, a look back at my favourite city

September 19th, 2007, my first trip to New York City.

My friend, Lori and I dreamed all the places we wanted to go.. we pulled out an old atlas of Lori's, circling all the places we'd love to travel to..our big wish list item was NYC. And honestly I didn't think we'd get there but Lori started scouting out airlines.. we looked into hotels.. and before we knew it.. we were booking tickets on a flight sale to NYC to celebrate Lori's 40th Birthday! 

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Edmonton Family Picnic

We live in one of the best cities, home to some of the best family events going on, there’s always something taking place on a weekend and often at no to little cost to families to boot!
This weekend the 2nd Edmonton Family Picnic was held at Grizzly Bear Lodge Playground by the Kinsmen Park in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley put on by Edmonton’s Child Magazine & Box Social Events along with several local businesses supporting this years event it was a pretty fabulous turnout!  Seriously, how great is it that so many local businesses come together to bring out Edmonton’s families!

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Edmonton Child

I love surprises, opening up a little present, not knowing what's inside, and then seeing something that hits your hearts desire.. those are the best surprises! That's what I received the morning I arrived at my office and opened up an email from Chris Reeve from Edmonton Child Publication. She was looking for someone to work with them on a Edmonton Child feature spread.

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