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Making it pretty for the holidays: DIY on the cheap

It'll be our 2nd Christmas in our new house, last year I didn't do much in dressing up our home for the holidays however, this year I've been searching through Pinterest looking for inspiration.  I went on a pinning spree late in the night, planning out what I'd like to do. I saved my Pinned list to my phone and went hunting for items that reflected my list.
My plan was instead of hitting up the typical decor stores I'd do a little hunting for my holiday treasures. 

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I Love NYC, a look back at my favourite city

September 19th, 2007, my first trip to New York City.

My friend, Lori and I dreamed all the places we wanted to go.. we pulled out an old atlas of Lori's, circling all the places we'd love to travel to..our big wish list item was NYC. And honestly I didn't think we'd get there but Lori started scouting out airlines.. we looked into hotels.. and before we knew it.. we were booking tickets on a flight sale to NYC to celebrate Lori's 40th Birthday! 

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