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Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White

When I process images into black and white, I pick and choose which ones I think will work best, some images will work while others look best in colour. I'll be going a through a session in Lightroom and come to an image that leaps out at me, begging to be edited as black & white. That image is then set apart from the others in a series or a session. I don't think all images should be done as black and white, a reason why I use artist discretion when delivering client images and will not deliver an entire set in both black and white and in colour.   

Here are my Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White Images. 

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It's a Wonder What Goes in My Bag?

Ever wonder what I bring to a family lifestyle session, today we're taking a quick look & sharing with you some of the equipment I bring along. 

1. Starters.. I carry my Nikon D3.. she is my work horse. A full frame purchased from Adorama Camera. I adore her.. She is my Bessy Girl (yes, I am that girl that names her gear, cars, bike, travel trailer), along with my Canon AE-1 (film) and my back up body a Nikon D300s (not shown)

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Throwback Thursdays... Girls on Film!

With throwback thursdays on Instagram or on Facebook I'm going to jump on in and share one of me.  

This is me, a LONG Time ago.. we're talking 1988. I was dating a National Geographic photographer, was completely loving photography. One night, bored... I took this selfie (before selfie's were called selfies and yes, I'm dating myself here) of me in my little bachelor apartment looking into the mirror. 

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Get your images off the computer and onto your walls!

Guilty as charged! 

It's true.. I do forget to print my own images as much as the next guy! My goal this year has been to print as much as I can for myself, for my kids, for my hubby..and well for my lonely walls! It's been a little over a year when we moved into our first-brand-new-built-for-us-house. A lifetime of marriage and we did something we thought we'd never do and that was build new. 

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