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What Not to Wear For Your Family Session!

You've booked your session with me, but you're starting to over analyze what to wear, what do you pick for the kids, do you style everything to the last detail, will you make sure that hubby is looking good, like it's date night?? Do you hit up Old Navy.. and replicate their mannequin family?? All things to consider.. but with Lifestyle/Documentary it's a much more relaxed approach then typical sessions.

Lifestyle & Documentary sessions are not about spending a ton of money on outfits for your session. It can get to the point where one person just feels to overwhelmed and causes not only yourself stress, but puts stress on your family. That's not what booking a session with me should like.. EVER! 

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It's a Wonder What Goes in My Bag?

Ever wonder what I bring to a family lifestyle session, today we're taking a quick look & sharing with you some of the equipment I bring along. 

1. Starters.. I carry my Nikon D3.. she is my work horse. A full frame purchased from Adorama Camera. I adore her.. She is my Bessy Girl (yes, I am that girl that names her gear, cars, bike, travel trailer), along with my Canon AE-1 (film) and my back up body a Nikon D300s (not shown)

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