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Get your images off the computer and onto your walls!

Guilty as charged! 

It's true.. I do forget to print my own images as much as the next guy! My goal this year has been to print as much as I can for myself, for my kids, for my hubby..and well for my lonely walls! It's been a little over a year when we moved into our first-brand-new-built-for-us-house. A lifetime of marriage and we did something we thought we'd never do and that was build new. 

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Edmonton Dogs & Family : Merry & Darice

Introducing the sweetest pooch Merry, an ever so lovely Bernese Mountain dog and her owner Darice where they reside in one of my favourite areas, just off 124street.

This mornings mini session was originally to take place in summer.. but on that day, it was stifling hot.. no one would cope well with the temps, especially Merry with her beautiful fur coat... 

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Parker Turns 2!

The goofy pup, who knows  at the sound of the words, "Dog Park" begins to act like he's hooped up on a mound of sugar, celebrated his 2nd birthday and looking dashing with his bow tie... because well, he needs to celebrate the start of his 2nd year in style, hit up the local Pet Valu in Windermere tonight to do a little birthday shopping! 

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