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Making it pretty for the holidays: DIY on the cheap

It'll be our 2nd Christmas in our new house, last year I didn't do much in dressing up our home for the holidays however, this year I've been searching through Pinterest looking for inspiration.  I went on a pinning spree late in the night, planning out what I'd like to do. I saved my Pinned list to my phone and went hunting for items that reflected my list.
My plan was instead of hitting up the typical decor stores I'd do a little hunting for my holiday treasures. 

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Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White

When I process images into black and white, I pick and choose which ones I think will work best, some images will work while others look best in colour. I'll be going a through a session in Lightroom and come to an image that leaps out at me, begging to be edited as black & white. That image is then set apart from the others in a series or a session. I don't think all images should be done as black and white, a reason why I use artist discretion when delivering client images and will not deliver an entire set in both black and white and in colour.   

Here are my Top 3 Reasons Why I love Black & White Images. 

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