Our Crazy Christmas Ribbon Game, It's a Tradition

Christmas is sneaking up fast and before it arrives too soon I wanted to share one last post with you before the holiday is upon us. Years ago, when the kids were just wee ones, I began a special family tradition for our kids,called the Ribbon Game. It's one of those games that HAS to be played. The kids, even now have committed me to a lifetime of our tradition & I don't see it ending anytime soon, even with my kids being 17 & 21!  

Edmonton Christmas Photographer

The nature of the game is simple.. the kids wait in one of the area of the house (our master bedroom) while Rod & I begin to create an intricate maze of criss-crossing ribbon, that leads from the starting point (the master bedroom) to a christmas eve present at the end of the spool, that they unwrap. Some years (when they were younger it was a shared gift, but it's been a long time since I've done that).. Now, my kids competitive streak goes into hyper drive and their goal is to beat the other one. Aaron usually beats Alora by 30 seconds or so & this year it's been asked if I could make it more complicated.

Creating the ribbon game began simply enough and wasn't as complicated of a game. The ribbon would lead from the bedroom down the stairs, maybe around a table and a few other fixed furniture pieces.. but now.. they each have their own coloured spool, and its becomes a massive tangled web of multi-coloured ribbon weaving its way from upstairs, into the bathroom , around shower heads & faucets, to the living room under , over and around coffee tables.. down stairwells into the basement, back up and outside the front entry and back into the house, upstairs & down.. zig zagging in all directions until they finally reach their gift. It's pretty hilarious to watch but getting it this way.. is my christmas eve workout. The game becomes a night of laughs as they exhaust themselves competing to get to their present first!

From our home to yours and to all the wonderful traditions you'll celebrate with your family. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

See you in the New Year!