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Honouring those who serve

We grew up as army kids, my dad served in the military (Royal Canadian Regiment, 2 RCR) up until I was in grade 1.  My dad's the guy you'll always see sporting his pro-militia t-shirt, his 2 RCR lapel pin, his yellow ribbon magnet on his bumper of the car and he'll be the first to support his friends who have served. So back In October, my dad and I took an overnight road trip to Penticton BC to meet one of his buddies, Bob, that has served for our country.

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Edmonton Child

I love surprises, opening up a little present, not knowing what's inside, and then seeing something that hits your hearts desire.. those are the best surprises! That's what I received the morning I arrived at my office and opened up an email from Chris Reeve from Edmonton Child Publication. She was looking for someone to work with them on a Edmonton Child feature spread.

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