Wanderful life

I sold my old trailer, a 70's boler.. and thought I'd embrace my tent again.. 
But then.. 
.... This Happened! A tear drop trailer! Within a month of selling my Bette Boler, last year, I came across this sweet little trailer on the AutoTrader.. A bad place to be.. don't look, something will bite and you'll be buying things you don't need! 
The hitch (no pun intended), was that my cute lil' teardrop that I'd fallen for was waiting for me in Kamloops..  But, that's not so bad, as it gave me good reason to go on a roadtrip.. and who doesn't love to do a little roadtripping.. Well, me for one! 
So off the Doodle & I went to bring home my now even smaller trailer home. There's room just for two.. and the dog.. but not much else. 
There's a cozy kitchen space on the back side, when you lift the back hatch up, and has all the luxuries I need. No big monstrous beast to suck back the gas, or something I need the hubby's help with to hook up, it's manageable and perfectly tiny for me. 
I can pick up and go, load the DoodleDude into the car, and wander to my hearts content. Find a trail that needs to be hiked, sit around a camp fire with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. It's my home away home and I can hardly wait for camping season to begin, to clean her up and go a wandering again.