An easy DIY craft from The Wheelbarrow Gardener

This week I attended a craft night at Bonnie Doon Centre for a workshop by Valerie from The Wheelbarrow Gardener  . Valerie, shared with us a few easy and simple techniques to creating easy floral pieces for the holidays or to give a simple thank you hostess gift.

DIY floral crafts from The Wheelbarrow gardener 

For this project we used
 a simple mason jar   // fish gravel from the pet store  / / ribbon, twine , yard // greenery from trees or  floral picks // and Paperwhite bulbs 

You can decorate your container, using twine, ribbon, yarn, and if you have any greenery you can raid your garden.. use stems from Boxwood, Cedar or Evergreens.. Or you can head to the dollar store for picks to embellish your jars.. I kept mine simple, as I like things a little more natural and rustic, opting for twine, a contrasting yarn and greenery for the outside of the jar.

DIY from The Wheelbarrow Gardener  

After you decorate your container, add in your rocks (about a 1/3rd full),  then take the bulb, butt end down and wiggle it so that it's sitting nestled firmly into the stones. (just a wiggle should do.. don't need to force the bulb down).

Fill with water so that it's just up to the bulb and by Christmas you should have a flower in bloom... (just don't quote me on that.. I'm not known for my green thumb.. but I'm gonna trust that my Paperwhite will take to me). 
Don't forget to keep an eye on the water level so your bulb doesn't dry out. 

Theses are great to make for a quick hostess gift for friends or families.. make a trip to your local florist and get creating! 
Also, a big Thanks Deanne from Box Social Event Planning for organizing the many craft nights held at Bonnie Doon Centre. If you'd like to see some of the many events Box Social has going on in the city.. Follow her on Twitter, IG or Facebook

Enjoy & Happy DIYing! 

Forging Ahead,

I'm being challenged, in my writing.. taking this Define class with Sharon Mckeeman and it's pushing me.. pushing buttons.. pushing my thoughts and my writing. I"m hoping for wings.. that won't get clipped. That I'll take what I'm learning and not leave it behind but fly with the new knowledge I have. It's grasping a hold, not looking back but totally being comfortable in my own skin as a writer. I've let it slip away these last few years.. hampered down by what I should be writing and not writing from my heart. I feel like I've lost my way in how to project my ideas, my thoughts.. and well, I've become a chicken.. not being brave, to share from the heart.. to many roadblocks put in the way by people who I looked on as friends. There was a time when I was more willing to share, but over shouting voices drown you out, so much to the point that you just stop talking, stop letting people, because those words from a friend.. might return with " I don't have time to listen to you"  or " I don't want to hear about your situation".. so you move along.. you let those friends slip away into the distance. Safety.. there's a safety in distance.. but there's also a need for healing.. to move forward, to forge ahead. This is me, this is where I'm at. 


Top Image & Bottom Image Credit to Lorraine's husband, Rod Stephanyshyn 

Top Image & Bottom Image Credit to Lorraine's husband, Rod Stephanyshyn 

Wanderful life

I sold my old trailer, a 70's boler.. and thought I'd embrace my tent again.. 
But then.. 
.... This Happened! A tear drop trailer! Within a month of selling my Bette Boler, last year, I came across this sweet little trailer on the AutoTrader.. A bad place to be.. don't look, something will bite and you'll be buying things you don't need! 
The hitch (no pun intended), was that my cute lil' teardrop that I'd fallen for was waiting for me in Kamloops..  But, that's not so bad, as it gave me good reason to go on a roadtrip.. and who doesn't love to do a little roadtripping.. Well, me for one! 
So off the Doodle & I went to bring home my now even smaller trailer home. There's room just for two.. and the dog.. but not much else. 
There's a cozy kitchen space on the back side, when you lift the back hatch up, and has all the luxuries I need. No big monstrous beast to suck back the gas, or something I need the hubby's help with to hook up, it's manageable and perfectly tiny for me. 
I can pick up and go, load the DoodleDude into the car, and wander to my hearts content. Find a trail that needs to be hiked, sit around a camp fire with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. It's my home away home and I can hardly wait for camping season to begin, to clean her up and go a wandering again.