You're Almost there! 

You've sent your inquiry and now you're looking at booking dates. These pages will help you to become familiar with the booking process and what your session will look like. As you go through the guide links, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me back and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  

What's Next? 
You'll complete the Getting to Know You Forms, answer the questions about your family, what your day looks like, family hobbies, interests and anything special you'd like me to know. 

Following the Getting to Know you, and I've confirmed the date,  fill out the Contract , remit your payment via the invoice that will be sent to you prior to your session date. 
All products will be added on following your session (these are not included in the session fee).


Simply, no. 
All sessions are real, honest and natural that means I don’t contrive a session into something but document the moments as they happen, authentically. 


They take place in your home, or at location that allows everyone to be themselves and at ease, a trip to the zoo, or off on a city adventure or even camping. But typically the start of your adventure will be begin at home and we’ll go from there.


A documentary session doesn’t fuss about clothing options, whatever you would wear on a typical day is totally cool, and if your kids want to wear their dress up clothes or pj ‘s, not a problem. My suggestions for mom, is wear what you feel beautiful and most happy in. 


When I arrive, don't worry about getting the kids, family organized.. if they're still in their pj's that's totally fine.. and even encouraged. If you're in the middle of something.. don't worry either, I'll probably take a walk around the house, get situated, check the light out in the rooms, see where everyone is at.. and then start documenting your day. 

Some families may worry that their kids are acting up.. It doesn't bother me at all. It's pretty typical when I first arrive that the kids are excited and want to show their new guest all their favourite things. They'll want to say "cheese" because they are so camera aware, but soon enough they'll settle in and forget that I'm there. If I'm photographing your child please don't encourage them to look or focus on the camera or smile falsely. I know they're excited about their day as am I.  

When the kids do act up or get into a little mischief when mom & dad aren't looking.. that's okay too. the beauty is that I get to capture some of those moments for you.. the mischief moments become some of my client families favourites.

Remember, to follow your natural rhythm of the day, if the kids need a snack or a nap, that's not a problem. Home Life sessions allows for those moments. 

The biggest thing I tell everyone is that Life Sessions are about telling your unique family story and celebrating your day, if you like to plan out something special for the family or the kids let me know and we can create something special. If you have comments or concerns or have other questions, please feel free to ask me.