I've created this short and sweet document for you to fill out, please take a few moments, grab a cup of tea and don't stress to much about the answers, or spelling I promise you won't be graded... This is a No Fail Questionnaire! 
After you fill in your answers, you can head to the BOOKING PAGE to send in your Session Fee.

Name *
Names - Ages .. and that sort of thing.. don't forget the family pooch or any other pets
Are you board game junkies, go rock climbing, camping, jumping on the trampoline, hanging out at the park
Kids off to school, baby routine.. anything important that may happen during the day.
IE: Rod has a dry humor, and is known for giving his friends a hard time, but all in good fun. Our oldest , is outspoken and loves to dress up as Elsa..etc..
foods, allergies, sensory issues, schedules or concerns
Though Day in the Life sessions are documentary by nature, there may be something that you want documented, a special art piece created by your very own in house Picasso..
Don't forget to include their name , email and contact information so I can send them a big thanks!

Thanks for filling out the questionnaire!