"new years resolutions!" Hate them.. I used to say "I'm working on my new resolutions, to procrastinate more often". It was my tongue in cheek way/belief that I don't make new resolutions, mainly because I never stuck with them. My younger self would think of all the ways that I needed to change, the goals I wanted to conquer but the list would eventually be forgotten about by mid January. Last year, I noticed several of my FB friends talking about a word for a year. I pondered the idea and at first didn't think it would do me much good, but I spent some time thinking about what I wanted for myself and what one word would encourage me, inspire me through out the year. The word that resonated the most with me a year ago was not what I was expecting but it's what kept coming forward in my journalling.


Fast forward to the end of 2013 and perseverance is what has held me up this year, it's been the encouraging factor for my will to press forward despite obstacles, the determination to keep going despite the odds. I watched several local businesses come to their end, it scared me but perseverance, has been my motivation to keep pressing on. Some days those persevering whispers would make me angry and I didn't want to be reminded but it still kept me going despite the seeds of doubt that would try and creep into my thoughts, causing me to be my own worst critic. But, perseverance has taught me to be patient and dedicated to what I love, it's helped me this year to define who I am, as a person, as a creative individual and as a business owner. It's helped me to think outside of the box something I didn't expect and has brought alongside some incredible tenacious friends who have been a wonderful source of support. Perseverance, has been my life raft that I've carried in my heart, I didn't forget about it by mid-January, it was where it should be, doing what it needed to, reminding me that I am a determined , dedicated and that I'll see my dreams fulfilled.

On the heels of 2014, this year I choose, RESOLVE. I resolve to be bold, courageous, live with intention, to be steadfast, have purpose and determination.

Blessings, Lorraine

Resolve by Lorraine Marie Fotography


Pretty Packages

"Oh my!" The first words I hear when a client receives their package. The surprise in their voice, the delight on their faces, as they look through their album & explore the goodies I've packaged up for them. As they unwrap their box, I get excited ..well, to be truthful, I get a little giddy about it. I can't help it because it feels like Christmas morning & I'm lucky enough to have that repeated on a pretty regular basis. As a business owner, it gives me great joy to be able to bless the people that hire me to document their life. It's a blessing that they have entrusted me to come into their home and capture a small part of their lives together. It's not something I would have expected when I first began my business 6 years ago, but it feeds my soul and for that I'll always be thankful for! Want to see what's inside, while I can't show you all the goodies  and surprises, I can share with you a little bit of clients package that's almost ready to leave my office. Enjoy!

Cheers & Smiles, Lorraine

Lorraine Marie - Sherwood Park

beautiful soft cover albums


Opening Weekend

The time has come!Tis the season! My office is now open! It's official, I now have a super cute little space designed to meet with my clients. No longer having to meet in over crowded coffee shops, or doing the scramble to get the house organized, or trying to show my amazing clients their images on a screen that hasn't been calibrated, I know have a space neatly tucked in between the Bone and Biscuit & Verve Salon & Spa. And over the weekend I had the pleasure of sharing my new space with my friends and family along with fellow colleagues from the photography community. I can't say it enough but thank you for the support! I am super thankful that you have all stood by me as my dream became a reality! What a wonderful milestone to share with each of you!

Now the Oscar speech, and thankfully it's my blog so I have no chance of getting cutoff by a bunch of technical guys in a booth. Thanks to Verve Salon & Spa - for the gift cards for our clients Thanks to Joy from Greenmunch for the Paper Straws (the colours are perfect!) Thanks to my friend Jane for my wonderful coffee cup! It's found a perfect place in the office and will be well used along with the Keurig! And thank you for all the help  in setting up Kaylah, Trish & Alora, the day would not have been what it was without all the laughter while struggling with white paper fans!

Many Blessings, Lorraine


Elk Island Park

The beginning of October our home school group took an afternoon field trip out to Elk Island Park for a scavenger hunt and s'mores by the fire. Elk Island is about 40 minutes away from Sherwood Park, and home to herds of bison that wander freely through the provincial park...which also means as my good friend Jane can attest to will also block your vehicle if the bison decide to take a pause in their roaming on the road...And there's no rushing a bison to move! This had been my first trip back to the National Park since my grade 5 field trip with McLeod Elementary school in Edmonton. Which holds fond memories of our group getting lost in the National Park, getting eaten alive by the mosquito's and finally finding our way to the Highway to catch our bus back home. Thankfully, no one got lost this trip :) though, we weren't planning on venturing to far from the picnic shelter this go around.

My son and his buddies took off pretty fast and found all of their items in good time, while us momma's stayed back and enjoyed the fire and got a little goofy... the proof is in the pudding or in this case the pictures :)



Best home schooling support a girl can have with Jane, Myself, Trish and Joanne! I am blessed beyond words by these woman!

Mr. S working on his campfire skills.

Off the boys go to hunt for items on their list..but it's not long before they've found all their items. Way to go boys!

Little adorable guy hanging back with his momma staying warm by the fire.

Kristin's oldest looking "a little mischievous"

Stop rocking the dock Jane!

S'more Goodness

A perfect way to end the afternoon with some s'mores!

Marrelli Sunshine

My Sunday session with the Marrrelli sisters was an adventure filled with lots of giggles and a good dose of silliness. Walking along the river trails to find all sorts of wonderful goodies for each of them, leaves, twigs, berries and three leaf clovers but with a tinge of disappointment we could not find any ladybugs that wanted to be found.  Thank you Marrelli girls for an afternoon filled with twirling and playing following the leader.

Miss J and Miss N showing the vibrant red berries they found and collected.

How do you resist the temptation of playing and jumping in leaves?? Pretty simple, you can't. 

Both sisters are full of a wonderful energy and I love how infectious their smiles are, it was a pleasure to photograph them both! Blessings,




Graham + Tarah were married on what threatened to be a wet rainy June day. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the rain held off  until the ceremony and then again as we wrapped up our formal session at Tarah's Aunt farm. A huge thanks to Tarah's Aunt & Uncle for providing the location for Tarah and Graham's day. The farm was the perfect backdrop, loved the red's and the grey tones, complimented their colours to a T! Congratulations again Tarah + Graham and thank you for the blessing to capture your day!

Makeup Provided by : Katie Letourneau

Hair Provided by : Becki Paul-Bell

Little Miss "P"

Run, play, catch some bubbles that's what we did. Little Miss "P" along with her mom and dad met up for their family session over at Ball Lake, in Sherwood Park .

Little Miss "P" is full of sweetness and seriously smart, that you sort of forget that she's two. Then there is her sweet little smile and laugh and it kinda melts your heart.

But, when Little Miss "P" wasn't chasing after bubbles, and tackling her dad, one of my favourite moments from our session, is the last one, where she's sitting with her mom, bathed in that beautiful golden light.






ONEclick Retreat

  The first ONEclick retreat is officially a wrap and couldn't wait to share a few images with you from the weekend. The cute little cottage we rented was Kara's cottage, just outside of Sherwood Park (near Cooking Lake).  Thanks Kara, the cottage was perfect as was the jam and coffee snacks, yum!

There were so many wonderful elements we enjoyed at Kara's, no lack of objects or cute little subjects for teaching the gals how to use their new Canon DSLR's.

Sonia N and Michelle S from Wetaskwin, along with Bailey ( the farm dog) who loved joining in on our photo walk adventures.

Thanks again Sonya and Michelle for joining in on the first ONEclick Retreat!



Unschool Travels

We like to roam, there is this road and it begs to be travelled upon. When the kids and I go on a trip, I don't like to take the main highways, in fact, if it's the secondary highway to anywhere, it's almost always worth the trek down. We found ourselves in that situation several times on our travels to and from Leavenworth, Wa. this past week. Sometimes along the journey, you just have to take the moment, stop, get out and enjoy. Otherwise the trip passes you by. Moments that you will cherish will all too soon pass you by. Blessings,


Aaron taking a pause on the trip to take in the surroundings of the Frank Slide. The site of the 1903 slide, that destroyed the mining site and town of Frank.



Sweet Sleeper

This little guy came into the studio at 3 months old. I can't get enough of his perfect little toes and those praying hands. We didn't think he was going to fall asleep for us, but when he did he slept so sound. And, to make it the perfect day, he had the sweetest baby scent and the best smiles! Ahh, I sure do love them babies in the studio! Blessings,


Digital Images on Sale

On sale until April 15th is our Digital Image Sale. You can purchase your entire proofing gallery for $450, a huge savings from the regular price of $700. But don't wait to long, this on only until April 15th, 2012 and is limited to our past clients. Digital images will come with the permission to print release form and allows you to print images for all your family and friends at your local printing lab. Digital images can only be used for personal use. Sorry, no commercial rights will be granted on this sale.






ONEclick Workshops

Over the past few months, I have been putting together the resources for the women's photography retreat over at ONEclick Workshops. So, here's a little hint for the workshop attendees.... Wondering what marbles has to do with Photography, come to the retreat, and you'll find out. 


Manifesto; Such a word, there's a weight to it, a substance. Back in the new year, I dove in and challenged myself with a writing course, part of that course is to create your business manifesto. As the assignment went through and tossed out questions, I grilled myself, scribbled my thoughts and scratched a few down... riped out the page and started again...Then a hiatus was taken. It was a little frustrating and I chose the route of procrastination... which really just put things off, so after a long extended home work vacation I dove back into my writing assignment. This is the result of challenging myself to write about what my business is, what it means to me and to my customers. I never knew, never thought, that writing out one little paragraph would involve so much digging, but, it was well worth it. Without the digging, the challenge, I would not have been able to put together all my thoughts into a cohesive bracket. Thanks Kristen for the writing camp, thanks for the challenges!

Manifesto for Lorraine Marie Fotography

I capture twinkles and curiosity
I believe in sweet surprises and in the spontaneity of a child's heart.
I value the cozy comforts of home and hugs.
I aim for my clients to have an enjoyable experience each time they visit. 

January colds

It's the beginning of January, and I can't believe how under the weather I have been. Typically, colds don't like me so they don't stick around for any length of time. This cold has been gracing itself since Boxing Day...just to say, I'm not a fan of it. Normally, it would be time to start dismantling the tree and putting away all the Christmas decorations, but the lack of energy and in my pursuit of seeing how many Kleenex boxes I can go through (currently on my fourth box), the tree will just have to wait. In the meantime, I want to let all my customers know it will be back to the studio for me, once I am well and not sharing my lovely germs with everyone, we don't need little ones getting this cold (as I'm sure all the momma's out there can appreciate that). Time to sip back more Peppermint tea with Honey and find that little blue jar of Vicks. Blessings,


Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Another year has passed by and while I think about so many posts on Facebook that friends and family are posting, I am considering what it is I want from 2012 ( I say that like it already owes me something... maybe it does).  Not that long ago I read a book by Don MIller, on living a better life, by living a better story . What I got most out of that book, was not to let life just idly pass  by but to make living a better story, embrace life, put yourself into a better story, if you don't like the way your life is going, change something. Make it Memorable.  2011 brought some wonderful rewards and Memorable Moments: I was able to go to WPPI, I attend an Alycia Alvarez's class, met some amazing women from WPPI who daily enrich my life and encourage me in my walk of faith as a christian, we got a much needed new car this year (our Flex) after surviving last year with a van with no heat (the Flex was a much welcomed addition to our family), I found some AMAZING studio space this fall, photographed some wonderful couples and families this year for which I am truly blessed. 2011 also showed it's ugly side but even with a little bad attitude I look at all the wonderful things it did bring and for that I am grateful. 2012, What are some of my goals for this year:

1. Attend an After Dark Education Workshop

2. Expand my client base becoming more specialized in children's photography.

3. Go out on a Sail boat

4. Dinner Cruise on the Edmonton River Queen.

5. Travel through more of the States with the kids.

6. Be  a better Blogger

7. Plan future Workshops and Retreats for Momma's

8. Go Whale Watching

9. Go Hiking with the kids

10. Rent a cottage for a week

11. Get back to a healthy lifestyle

12. Complete 100 crunches in 100 days (Day One is complete!)

13. Spend more time reading my bible

14. Welcome in new clients

15. Be a better writer (joined P31 weekly writing challenge).

16. Go to NYC with Rod

17. Complete the Circus Camp writing course (working my way through it)

18. Enter a Print Competition

19. Read for enjoyment

20. Go on adventures , take day trips with the kids.

While it's not an extensive list or exhaustive, they are some of my goals and desires I hope to complete this coming year. I'd love to hear some of your goals, dreams for 2012.




Sweet Tooth

This month we put together a styled shoot with the help of  two local Sherwood Park businesses,  & Little Bo-Tique.  Little Bo-tique, provides like-new brand name designer clothing for men, women and children. The store carries Gap, Gymboree, True Religion and more! Definitely, stop by, have a look to see what’s new and you’ll find you’ll be saving more than a third less than what you pay for super cute kids clothes new.

Greenmunch, is an online eco-friendly store, carrying trendy and fun products that are reusable, natural and compost friendly. They are also...little insider secret here, one of my suppliers for those fun little goody bags I like pass out to all my younger clients at the end of their sessions. Thanks Greenmunch for providing all the wonderful goodies including the paper straws, bamboo cutlery, bakers string and so much more!

A big thanks to my super models for making the day a huge success, Miss K, for all your help, your giggles and songs. It was a joy to have you model for us. And to our afternoon model, Miss A, thanks for providing us with lots of excitement,and  for hosting your own "cookie decorating tv show".

And last but not least, thanks to the mom’s for bringing the girls to the studio! It was appreciated, beyond measure!



Models : Miss A, Miss K

Photography : Lorraine Stephanyshyn, Lorraine Marie Fotography

Credo Bags, Paper Straws, Bakers String, Polka Dot Bags, Bamboo Cutlery :, 780-293-7805

All Clothing provided by Little Bo-Tique , 780-417-2508, 86 Athabascan Avenue (by Rosie's Restaurant), Sherwood Park, AB