"new years resolutions!" Hate them.. I used to say "I'm working on my new resolutions, to procrastinate more often". It was my tongue in cheek way/belief that I don't make new resolutions, mainly because I never stuck with them. My younger self would think of all the ways that I needed to change, the goals I wanted to conquer but the list would eventually be forgotten about by mid January. Last year, I noticed several of my FB friends talking about a word for a year. I pondered the idea and at first didn't think it would do me much good, but I spent some time thinking about what I wanted for myself and what one word would encourage me, inspire me through out the year. The word that resonated the most with me a year ago was not what I was expecting but it's what kept coming forward in my journalling.


Fast forward to the end of 2013 and perseverance is what has held me up this year, it's been the encouraging factor for my will to press forward despite obstacles, the determination to keep going despite the odds. I watched several local businesses come to their end, it scared me but perseverance, has been my motivation to keep pressing on. Some days those persevering whispers would make me angry and I didn't want to be reminded but it still kept me going despite the seeds of doubt that would try and creep into my thoughts, causing me to be my own worst critic. But, perseverance has taught me to be patient and dedicated to what I love, it's helped me this year to define who I am, as a person, as a creative individual and as a business owner. It's helped me to think outside of the box something I didn't expect and has brought alongside some incredible tenacious friends who have been a wonderful source of support. Perseverance, has been my life raft that I've carried in my heart, I didn't forget about it by mid-January, it was where it should be, doing what it needed to, reminding me that I am a determined , dedicated and that I'll see my dreams fulfilled.

On the heels of 2014, this year I choose, RESOLVE. I resolve to be bold, courageous, live with intention, to be steadfast, have purpose and determination.

Blessings, Lorraine

Resolve by Lorraine Marie Fotography


Copyright Information

Who owns the copyright?A question often asked at client meetings. Answer is pretty simple & in Canada, it's the photographer who owns the copyright.

How does that work for the client? For Clients, I give what is called a permission to print release. This gives the client the opportunity to scrapbook the images if they wish, create gifts and send images to friends and families. It allows clients to use their images for PERSONAL use only and are sized to print up to a maximum size of 11 x 14.  If a client prints larger, the image quality will degrade. I recommend to clients that if they do wish to print larger to order directly through me, this guarantees them a beautiful professional archival canvas.

Each of my clients will have tucked into their packages a little card with all the information and as a back up will  be included in either the DVD or now the USBs. This helps when going to a retail lab where they may question why you are printing professional prints.  The card includes all the important facts, like not selling the images, not editing or cropping and including giving credit to the photographer  on social media sites. Yes, even if you post on your personal Facebook wall to share with family and friends, it's required that A) the client loads the web based watermark version and B) the client will credit the photographer and link back to my site . Facebook does open another can of worms, and if Facebook uses one my images that is posted by a client without a watermark in their advertising campaign, that client will be find themselves in breach of copyright law.

I encourage my clients to print, after all you don't just want to have your family images on a USB, DVD, disk that can soon become obsolete and outdated. I also, encourage my clients to make a back up of their images and store their images in several different formats (online cloud, print a copy of each image, and store a second USB in a safety deposit box outside of the home.

If you have any questions on copyright and it's usage, don't hesitate to ask.

Cheers & Smiles, Lorraine

copyright 1
copyright 1

Holiday Life Session

The holidays they fly by incredibly fast, our children grow up too quickly and we soon forget how in a blink of an eye life changes. The smell of their hair, their tiny hands, the matching pajama’s you put them in for the holidays while they cuddle on the couch watching a classic christmas movie...and blink, it’s changes. My children are now 19 & 15, I look back at old albums and fondly think about all the life changes they’ve gone through. With a daughter ready to move out and venture into the world and a son in grade 10, I look back at those memories when they were little with great fondness. But, there’s something missing in my albums, us as a whole family. I have lots of my husband, plenty of my children but when I look through our christmas album, there’s not any of our family as a whole celebrating in life moments.

Which is why, as a photographer it’s part of my mission to tell the family story, to celebrate birth, children and all the things that are part of your life. Expecting mama’s preparing the nursery,a dad holding his wife’s hand as she gives birth or children dressed like superheroes jumping on the bed. It’s my vision to give families a celebration of their life together through the art of visual story telling I come into your home and document your life moments & create a family keepsake for each of my families.

Booking Holiday Life Sessions until December 20th!



The Robinson Family decorate for the holidays

When you're 2, decorating the  tree isn't nearly as much fun as it is to sneak ornaments off the tree and attach them to your own string of lights.

Big brother Ashton, takes a break from trimming the tree and enjoys freshly baked cookies



Pretty Packages

"Oh my!" The first words I hear when a client receives their package. The surprise in their voice, the delight on their faces, as they look through their album & explore the goodies I've packaged up for them. As they unwrap their box, I get excited ..well, to be truthful, I get a little giddy about it. I can't help it because it feels like Christmas morning & I'm lucky enough to have that repeated on a pretty regular basis. As a business owner, it gives me great joy to be able to bless the people that hire me to document their life. It's a blessing that they have entrusted me to come into their home and capture a small part of their lives together. It's not something I would have expected when I first began my business 6 years ago, but it feeds my soul and for that I'll always be thankful for! Want to see what's inside, while I can't show you all the goodies  and surprises, I can share with you a little bit of clients package that's almost ready to leave my office. Enjoy!

Cheers & Smiles, Lorraine

Lorraine Marie - Sherwood Park

beautiful soft cover albums


Family Life Session { Rocio + Jeff }

Rocio + Jeff's Family Life Session took place on their acreage back in early July. I love these sessions, families are relaxed and there's no racing out the door, just me arriving in the morning, coming over for a cup of tea to photograph a morning with them. Their session like all the other Family Life Sessions are the heart of my business and really that makes me pretty blessed. I believe its important for families to have life captured for them, in ways that they generally might not think of, a step away from the traditional portraits.Rocio + Jeff, your daughter is incredibly beautiful, I love how adventurous she is, her love of all things mechanical, especially with your bikes Jeff. Thank you for a wonderful morning, your acreage is beautiful, so many places to explore, it's a real gem!

Blessings, Lorraine


Family Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerSherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family Photographer

Tea time

Family Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family Photographer

Collecting the morning mail

Family Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerSherwood Park Family PhotographerSherwood Park Family PhotographerSherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family PhotographerFamily Session Sherwood Park Family Photographer

Birth In The City { Sherwood Park Photographer }

ASAC celebrated it's 34th year this year, a volunteer run organization that supports families and couples with safe birthing alternatives. To help keep the community running, various events are put on through out the year and on Sunday,  Emerald Elegance supported ASAC by hosting Birth in the City, an event that showcases resources for expecting moms and families of little ones. Unfortunately, I had taken ill, and wasn't able to attend the event but, thanks to my amazing family they were able to get my booth set up and a huge thanks to my friend Funmi of FO Photography for helping this girl out in a pinch. So, thankful for the photography community that we have here in the city and for amazing friends who are willing to come to the rescue. All the images from Birth In the City , belong to FO Photography. Please make sure to stop by their page and check out their work here.  And Thank you Funmi all your work!!


Birth in the City 2
Birth in the City 2
Birth in the City-1
Birth in the City-1
Birth in the City-3
Birth in the City-3
Birth in the City-4
Birth in the City-4

All images are copyright to FO Photography , thank you FO Photography for allowing me to use the images!

Alberta Family Photographer { The Anderson Family }

I adore this family! I've had the blessing of being able to photograph Baby "M"s Birth story and his short stay at the Children's Stollery where at 1 week old he went through heart surgery. Now, just over 3 months, he's growing up & doing wonderfully! He's been a little Champion and I'm super excited to share Krista, Garret & Baby "M"s session with you. Blessings, Lorraine

Momma & Daddy Love! Love the Details in a Nursery!

Ceramic Pooh Bear with Piglet, Noah's Ark Lamp and Baby "M"s wonderful collection of stuffed animals!

A perfect space  for this little guy!

Baby "M" loves his little Zoo mobile, he lights up and chatters away with his buddies circling above him. 

Doula Association of Edmonton Fundraiser

It's been a busy week, the launch of the new blog site received a wonderful new makeover, a rebrand by my daughter, Alora. A huge thanks to her, as I wouldn't know my left or right on this one. And now, I'm in the midst of getting set for the DAE (Doula Association of Edmonton) at the movies this coming Saturday, April 20th, where I'll feature the Doula Project at their trade show. DAE is hosting an incredible event featuring two films, one by Ina May Gaskin & the Farmwives movie, The Birth Story & another movie, The Face of Birth. If you wish to purchase tickets, you can do so through the DAE association. Hopefully we'll see you Saturday , stop by and say "hello" and enter in for your chance to win some great local vendor products from my booth.

Cheers & Blessings, Lorraine



Sherwood Park { Kid's Life Session }

Could not wait to share a little sneak preview from this weeks Kid's Life session with Pamela, Eddie & their little gem "E" and a little preview of what's to come for my site. Blessings,


Love how flexible babies are!

Sherwood Park Birth { The Doula Project }

Last October,  I began working on an essay called the Doula Project. The essay is a photographic documentary following several of Edmonton/Sherwood Park's local Doula's, documenting client consults, meetings and educating their clients.  Being a doula is so much more than what I imagined. To honour the Doula's I have worked with, and those I have yet to meet, THANK YOU for making a difference and changing the way women have gone through birth and have come to view birth differently! Today, I'm glad to have the honour of featuring Pam Davey, from Birthing Since Forever.

What exactly is a doula?

A doula is a professional hired by an expectant couple to provide physical, emotional and informational support to them before, during and after the birth of their baby.

What first inspired you to become a Doula?

Someone told me I should be a doula many years ago, when my first child was just a toddler. I brushed it aside. Then a few years after that, in 2003, I was invited to a friend's birth and it transformed me. I knew I wanted to be a part of more births and assist Moms while they were in labour, in any way they needed.

How long have you been serving as a Doula?

I did that first birth in July 2003. Then took the DONA birth doula course in the winter of 2004. I attended more births and became a DONA certified doula in 2006!

Is there a difference between having a Doula vs having a Midwife?  

Yes...there is a huge difference in their scope of practice!! A midwife is your primary care provider for your pregnancy, just like your doctor would be if you did not have a midwife. She is focused on the mother and baby's health, sees you quite frequently throughout the pregnancy, arrives in time to catch the baby and has a few appointments with your postpartum. A doula is your labour support person. She meets with you about 2-3 times in your pregnancy to really get to know the couple and their hopes for their baby's birth. She comes to you as soon as you feel you need her in labour (before the midwife would be there) and will have 1-2 visits with you after the baby is born.

One example is that your doula may do a lot of hands on labour support with you during labour but your midwife will be the one checking your dilation and fetal heart tones.


What types of things do you do to offer a labouring mom support?

Well each birth is completely unique so you follow the Mom's original wishes and gauge how she is coping in labour. Here are some examples of things a doula might do: She'll be there for emotional support since birth is so emotionally charged for both Mom and Dad. She will provide the reassurance and encouragement that they both need, massage and other comfort measures to help the Mom manage her contractions more comfortably,suggest positions and changes to help ease pain and facilitate a smoother, more effective labour, to create a soothing birthing space with aromatherapy, music, candles. She will be there to talk the Mom through any emotional blockages which can come up in labour, she can't take away the physical and emotional pain but can allow you to experience what is happening with love and understanding. Your Doula, can encourage and support you as you deal with staff at the hospital, or people in your home, to ensure your wishes are being met,  a doula will cheer you on, gently reminding you that you are perfectly made to birth this baby. She will celebrate as you get through each contraction!

What’s a key factor for a mom to have a successful labour?

That she feels heard. That she knows someone is there beside her, listening to her, supporting her and encouraging her. She knows best what she needs as the labour unfolds.

When you attend a birth, what tools do you use to help your client through labour?

I like to have a lot of tools on hand, just in case. I have numerous massage tools and various natural massage oils. I have a lavender scented wheat bag that we can heat up as well as moxa heat packs. A kneeler if the Mom needs it, a rebozo, a mirror, fans, reflex balls in different sizes, battery operated candles, honey sticks for energy. I have a birth ball with a cover, a birth pool with all the extras needed for a waterbirth and much more...

A piece of advice you’d share with expecting moms?

Even when you are a little old lady, you will never forget the birth of each of your children. It is an experience in your life that you will recall vividly forever. Research your options, decide what you want...and make it happen!

Thank you Pam, you are an amazing Doula among many. I know that so many of your couples that you have worked with express their Thanks!






Sherwood Park { Home School Fun }

It's the Luck of the Irish! This past Friday (March 15th) a few of us got together at Jane's place (fierce home schooling mama) to celebrate all things Irish! Playing crazy minute-to-win-it games with Joanne leading the charge and getting the kids to participate in shaking their "bom-bom's", Jane had the kid's crafting and creating little top-hat traps for any sneaky Leprechaun that may come to visit......though, not one Leprechaun tried to steal our decoy gold coin over the weekend...darn! Maybe, next year!

Thanks Jane for a great party and treats!

Blessings, Lorraine

Good Eats brought by the Home schooling mama's!

Shaking our Bom-Bom's in Minute to Win it Game with Joanne leading the charge!

Kid's enjoying their Pot of Gold following the Scavenger hunt


Sherwood Park Kids Photographer { Miss P }

How she grows! At two and half years she's turned into a little talker and wants to share her adventures with everyone. There's no standing around when you are on a session with Miss P.. which is why  even on a cold winters day exploring the local nursery is a great way for an active toddler to enjoy her photo session. There's lots to explore and see while visiting the nursery, kittens to follow, flowers to smell, find the dog that wanders around the yard and maybe even a little sampling of fresh fallen snow. Blessings,


JB Family { Sherwood Park Birth Photographer }

  The Doula Project has introduced me to some wonderful couples, this past Tuesday I got the text while I out shopping with my son that one of my couples had made their way to the hospital and mama was in labour. Racing home to quickly grab my gear, I arrived at the hospital shortly after 5PM with Mama J labouring in the shower with the help of her husband Daddy B and doula, Pam from Birthing Since Forever. After a long enduring evening for Mama J, complete with an epidural,a beautiful sweet and cheeky baby girl was born at 1:07 am on Feb 27th, 2013. Mama J & Daddy B, Congrats on your new adventures as parents, it was a joy and a blessing to capture your daughters arrival!




Kelly & Nick { Sherwood Park Birth Photographer }

Before I get to far ahead and blog about Kelly & Nick..I need to back up and fill you in on a few details. Back in the fall I began working with a few local doula's for a special project that will be released late May. Part of the Doula Project, is I have the amazing opportunity to work alongside of some pretty amazing woman, I also get to work with some wonderful couples, like Kelly & Nick.First up, is Pam Davey, Doula and Lactation Consultant of Birthing Since Forever. At Pam's first meeting with Kelly & Nick she presented them with the idea of my project and to my welcomed surprise they jumped on board and agreed to be part of the Doula Project, and so glad they did! They are the first couple that I have had the opportunity to work with on this and a huge thanks to them for welcoming me into their home and allowing me to share with everyone their journey into parenthood with the support of their doula. Fast Forward before I get all mushy, and as Kelly now knows, it doesn't take much and I'm needing tissues!

Kelly's due date wasn't till end of November/early December but as her pregnancy went along they discovered that she needed to be induced for medical reasons. Her parents had flown in from the east coast on a Tuesday and that morning bright and early she was scheduled to be induced. Unfortunately, after being induced she went through three day's of labour, not a place any woman wants to be in. With little progression it was agreed upon that a C section was the best route to go, and by Thursday at midnight,papers were signed and by 1:30am Kelly and Nick were off to the OR. Though a c-section wasn't initially in the cards, and it wasn't what Kelly had wanted, the reward could not have been better, at 2:29am Friday November 23rd, a beautiful little baby boy was born, making Kelly & Nick the proud new parents of Baby "E"!

Congratulations again Kelly & Nick. You're little guy is such a precious gift!

Thank You Pam, for working with me on this project, I've already learned so much these past couple of months, I feel like I'm a doula in training! xxx

Blessings, Lorraine


Frozen Treat { Sherwood Park Children's Photographer }

It really is a frozen treat when you don't have to worry about your ice cream melting all over the place. You have the opportunity to enjoy it without fear of it melting..well to some degree. We found that on our mild November day, that your ice cream may still tumble off your cone and hit the pavement. On the plus side, it's easy to clean up and second with N's session taking place in front of Arctic Icecream it was a quick trip back to the office to fix up another cone for the remainder of her session. So all in all, not such a bad thing. What I loved about Miss N's session was all the fun outfits she brought with her, I'm in love with her Michael Kor boots with the little heart cute! This girl's got her own style and I love it! Thanks Miss N for coming out for a quick fun session, stay warm!

Blessings, Lorraine

Opening Weekend

The time has come!Tis the season! My office is now open! It's official, I now have a super cute little space designed to meet with my clients. No longer having to meet in over crowded coffee shops, or doing the scramble to get the house organized, or trying to show my amazing clients their images on a screen that hasn't been calibrated, I know have a space neatly tucked in between the Bone and Biscuit & Verve Salon & Spa. And over the weekend I had the pleasure of sharing my new space with my friends and family along with fellow colleagues from the photography community. I can't say it enough but thank you for the support! I am super thankful that you have all stood by me as my dream became a reality! What a wonderful milestone to share with each of you!

Now the Oscar speech, and thankfully it's my blog so I have no chance of getting cutoff by a bunch of technical guys in a booth. Thanks to Verve Salon & Spa - for the gift cards for our clients Thanks to Joy from Greenmunch for the Paper Straws (the colours are perfect!) Thanks to my friend Jane for my wonderful coffee cup! It's found a perfect place in the office and will be well used along with the Keurig! And thank you for all the help  in setting up Kaylah, Trish & Alora, the day would not have been what it was without all the laughter while struggling with white paper fans!

Many Blessings, Lorraine


Open House

It's been a journey but incredibly excited to announce my new office in Sherwood Park. It's taken a while to find a space that would meet my needs and to stay local in the Park, I couldn't be more thrilled then to find my cozy little office located next to Verve Spa and Salon and even more thrilled that on November 25th I get to share it with all of you.  After the past few years of working to establish Lorraine Marie Fotography, it's great to open up the doors and invite everyone over to see my new client meeting space. Stop by from Noon till 6:ooPM say hi, enjoy some sweets and treats and enter in for the door prize. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there and don't forget to invite your friends and family. To share the invitation, simply click the Facebook link below the comments, go to the Like Page and Share the invitation. Blessings,


Elk Island Park

The beginning of October our home school group took an afternoon field trip out to Elk Island Park for a scavenger hunt and s'mores by the fire. Elk Island is about 40 minutes away from Sherwood Park, and home to herds of bison that wander freely through the provincial park...which also means as my good friend Jane can attest to will also block your vehicle if the bison decide to take a pause in their roaming on the road...And there's no rushing a bison to move! This had been my first trip back to the National Park since my grade 5 field trip with McLeod Elementary school in Edmonton. Which holds fond memories of our group getting lost in the National Park, getting eaten alive by the mosquito's and finally finding our way to the Highway to catch our bus back home. Thankfully, no one got lost this trip :) though, we weren't planning on venturing to far from the picnic shelter this go around.

My son and his buddies took off pretty fast and found all of their items in good time, while us momma's stayed back and enjoyed the fire and got a little goofy... the proof is in the pudding or in this case the pictures :)



Best home schooling support a girl can have with Jane, Myself, Trish and Joanne! I am blessed beyond words by these woman!

Mr. S working on his campfire skills.

Off the boys go to hunt for items on their list..but it's not long before they've found all their items. Way to go boys!

Little adorable guy hanging back with his momma staying warm by the fire.

Kristin's oldest looking "a little mischievous"

Stop rocking the dock Jane!

S'more Goodness

A perfect way to end the afternoon with some s'mores!