Shout Out / Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Have to give a little shout out for Don’s Photos on the West End. Often times as photographers buying equipment can be costly and while I’m in love with sooo many lenses, it’s just not feasible to buy every dreams lens. I’ve checked around a few sites and though there are companies that will deliver gear to your door it’s great to have an Edmonton resource like Don’s Photos to rent gear from. Their rates are extremely reasonable and if you are just starting out in photography it’s an economical way to try out a lens/ camera or flash before investing into a product that you may not be sure about or discover that you really don’t like at all.For myself, I’ve rented the Nikon AF-S VR II 105mm f2.8 micro lens twice over the passed year, and while I realllly like/love the lens, it’s still not high on my priority list, so for the cost of the week rental of $75 or they have a day rate of $25, it just makes sense versus buying the lens for $900. Further down the road I’ll look into making that purchase but for now renting the occasional piece of equipment is a great option. To get a hold of Don's Photos you can call them at 780-930-1813.

Happy Renting!