Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Another year has passed by and while I think about so many posts on Facebook that friends and family are posting, I am considering what it is I want from 2012 ( I say that like it already owes me something... maybe it does).  Not that long ago I read a book by Don MIller, on living a better life, by living a better story . What I got most out of that book, was not to let life just idly pass  by but to make living a better story, embrace life, put yourself into a better story, if you don't like the way your life is going, change something. Make it Memorable.  2011 brought some wonderful rewards and Memorable Moments: I was able to go to WPPI, I attend an Alycia Alvarez's class, met some amazing women from WPPI who daily enrich my life and encourage me in my walk of faith as a christian, we got a much needed new car this year (our Flex) after surviving last year with a van with no heat (the Flex was a much welcomed addition to our family), I found some AMAZING studio space this fall, photographed some wonderful couples and families this year for which I am truly blessed. 2011 also showed it's ugly side but even with a little bad attitude I look at all the wonderful things it did bring and for that I am grateful. 2012, What are some of my goals for this year:

1. Attend an After Dark Education Workshop

2. Expand my client base becoming more specialized in children's photography.

3. Go out on a Sail boat

4. Dinner Cruise on the Edmonton River Queen.

5. Travel through more of the States with the kids.

6. Be  a better Blogger

7. Plan future Workshops and Retreats for Momma's

8. Go Whale Watching

9. Go Hiking with the kids

10. Rent a cottage for a week

11. Get back to a healthy lifestyle

12. Complete 100 crunches in 100 days (Day One is complete!)

13. Spend more time reading my bible

14. Welcome in new clients

15. Be a better writer (joined P31 weekly writing challenge).

16. Go to NYC with Rod

17. Complete the Circus Camp writing course (working my way through it)

18. Enter a Print Competition

19. Read for enjoyment

20. Go on adventures , take day trips with the kids.

While it's not an extensive list or exhaustive, they are some of my goals and desires I hope to complete this coming year. I'd love to hear some of your goals, dreams for 2012.