Manifesto; Such a word, there's a weight to it, a substance. Back in the new year, I dove in and challenged myself with a writing course, part of that course is to create your business manifesto. As the assignment went through and tossed out questions, I grilled myself, scribbled my thoughts and scratched a few down... riped out the page and started again...Then a hiatus was taken. It was a little frustrating and I chose the route of procrastination... which really just put things off, so after a long extended home work vacation I dove back into my writing assignment. This is the result of challenging myself to write about what my business is, what it means to me and to my customers. I never knew, never thought, that writing out one little paragraph would involve so much digging, but, it was well worth it. Without the digging, the challenge, I would not have been able to put together all my thoughts into a cohesive bracket. Thanks Kristen for the writing camp, thanks for the challenges!

Manifesto for Lorraine Marie Fotography

I capture twinkles and curiosity
I believe in sweet surprises and in the spontaneity of a child's heart.
I value the cozy comforts of home and hugs.
I aim for my clients to have an enjoyable experience each time they visit.