Matt and Katie workshop

The beginning of August I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Matt and Katie workshop in Calgary. Matt and Katie came from Australian for a crazy tour (Saskatoon, Victoria, Calgary and several stops through the States) to give us all business strategies in our photography business. Over the course of the workshop Matt and Katie dove into the structure of our businesses, shared with us their triumphs and their struggles and made sure that we would have to keep the kleenex handy.  Now, as I begin to work out all the information, I'm looking forward to implementing their ideas, strategies and suggestions into my own business. Thank you Matt and Katie for teaching me to have a vision and to dream big! Looking forward to putting all this good information into practice! Blessings, Lorraine The day before the workshop, I set up camp at Calgary West Campground, enjoying some quiet reflection. Looking forward to what lies ahead.

With so much instruction over the two days, I can't help but look at these photos and hear Matt and Katie's Australian accents.

State of the  Art signage for the workshop :)

On my way home, I opted not to take the QE 2 back home, instead taking the secondary highways and enjoying little surprises. Finding this old road about an hour after Cochrane was one of those wonderful surprises. The road less travelled definitely brings the most reward!