Elk Island Park

The beginning of October our home school group took an afternoon field trip out to Elk Island Park for a scavenger hunt and s'mores by the fire. Elk Island is about 40 minutes away from Sherwood Park, and home to herds of bison that wander freely through the provincial park...which also means as my good friend Jane can attest to will also block your vehicle if the bison decide to take a pause in their roaming on the road...And there's no rushing a bison to move! This had been my first trip back to the National Park since my grade 5 field trip with McLeod Elementary school in Edmonton. Which holds fond memories of our group getting lost in the National Park, getting eaten alive by the mosquito's and finally finding our way to the Highway to catch our bus back home. Thankfully, no one got lost this trip :) though, we weren't planning on venturing to far from the picnic shelter this go around.

My son and his buddies took off pretty fast and found all of their items in good time, while us momma's stayed back and enjoyed the fire and got a little goofy... the proof is in the pudding or in this case the pictures :)



Best home schooling support a girl can have with Jane, Myself, Trish and Joanne! I am blessed beyond words by these woman!

Mr. S working on his campfire skills.

Off the boys go to hunt for items on their list..but it's not long before they've found all their items. Way to go boys!

Little adorable guy hanging back with his momma staying warm by the fire.

Kristin's oldest looking "a little mischievous"

Stop rocking the dock Jane!

S'more Goodness

A perfect way to end the afternoon with some s'mores!