Kelly & Nick { Sherwood Park Birth Photographer }

Before I get to far ahead and blog about Kelly & Nick..I need to back up and fill you in on a few details. Back in the fall I began working with a few local doula's for a special project that will be released late May. Part of the Doula Project, is I have the amazing opportunity to work alongside of some pretty amazing woman, I also get to work with some wonderful couples, like Kelly & Nick.First up, is Pam Davey, Doula and Lactation Consultant of Birthing Since Forever. At Pam's first meeting with Kelly & Nick she presented them with the idea of my project and to my welcomed surprise they jumped on board and agreed to be part of the Doula Project, and so glad they did! They are the first couple that I have had the opportunity to work with on this and a huge thanks to them for welcoming me into their home and allowing me to share with everyone their journey into parenthood with the support of their doula. Fast Forward before I get all mushy, and as Kelly now knows, it doesn't take much and I'm needing tissues!

Kelly's due date wasn't till end of November/early December but as her pregnancy went along they discovered that she needed to be induced for medical reasons. Her parents had flown in from the east coast on a Tuesday and that morning bright and early she was scheduled to be induced. Unfortunately, after being induced she went through three day's of labour, not a place any woman wants to be in. With little progression it was agreed upon that a C section was the best route to go, and by Thursday at midnight,papers were signed and by 1:30am Kelly and Nick were off to the OR. Though a c-section wasn't initially in the cards, and it wasn't what Kelly had wanted, the reward could not have been better, at 2:29am Friday November 23rd, a beautiful little baby boy was born, making Kelly & Nick the proud new parents of Baby "E"!

Congratulations again Kelly & Nick. You're little guy is such a precious gift!

Thank You Pam, for working with me on this project, I've already learned so much these past couple of months, I feel like I'm a doula in training! xxx

Blessings, Lorraine