Doula Association of Edmonton Fundraiser

It's been a busy week, the launch of the new blog site received a wonderful new makeover, a rebrand by my daughter, Alora. A huge thanks to her, as I wouldn't know my left or right on this one. And now, I'm in the midst of getting set for the DAE (Doula Association of Edmonton) at the movies this coming Saturday, April 20th, where I'll feature the Doula Project at their trade show. DAE is hosting an incredible event featuring two films, one by Ina May Gaskin & the Farmwives movie, The Birth Story & another movie, The Face of Birth. If you wish to purchase tickets, you can do so through the DAE association. Hopefully we'll see you Saturday , stop by and say "hello" and enter in for your chance to win some great local vendor products from my booth.

Cheers & Blessings, Lorraine