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Who owns the copyright?A question often asked at client meetings. Answer is pretty simple & in Canada, it's the photographer who owns the copyright.

How does that work for the client? For Clients, I give what is called a permission to print release. This gives the client the opportunity to scrapbook the images if they wish, create gifts and send images to friends and families. It allows clients to use their images for PERSONAL use only and are sized to print up to a maximum size of 11 x 14.  If a client prints larger, the image quality will degrade. I recommend to clients that if they do wish to print larger to order directly through me, this guarantees them a beautiful professional archival canvas.

Each of my clients will have tucked into their packages a little card with all the information and as a back up will  be included in either the DVD or now the USBs. This helps when going to a retail lab where they may question why you are printing professional prints.  The card includes all the important facts, like not selling the images, not editing or cropping and including giving credit to the photographer  on social media sites. Yes, even if you post on your personal Facebook wall to share with family and friends, it's required that A) the client loads the web based watermark version and B) the client will credit the photographer and link back to my site . Facebook does open another can of worms, and if Facebook uses one my images that is posted by a client without a watermark in their advertising campaign, that client will be find themselves in breach of copyright law.

I encourage my clients to print, after all you don't just want to have your family images on a USB, DVD, disk that can soon become obsolete and outdated. I also, encourage my clients to make a back up of their images and store their images in several different formats (online cloud, print a copy of each image, and store a second USB in a safety deposit box outside of the home.

If you have any questions on copyright and it's usage, don't hesitate to ask.

Cheers & Smiles, Lorraine

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