Holiday Life Session

The holidays they fly by incredibly fast, our children grow up too quickly and we soon forget how in a blink of an eye life changes. The smell of their hair, their tiny hands, the matching pajama’s you put them in for the holidays while they cuddle on the couch watching a classic christmas movie...and blink, it’s changes. My children are now 19 & 15, I look back at old albums and fondly think about all the life changes they’ve gone through. With a daughter ready to move out and venture into the world and a son in grade 10, I look back at those memories when they were little with great fondness. But, there’s something missing in my albums, us as a whole family. I have lots of my husband, plenty of my children but when I look through our christmas album, there’s not any of our family as a whole celebrating in life moments.

Which is why, as a photographer it’s part of my mission to tell the family story, to celebrate birth, children and all the things that are part of your life. Expecting mama’s preparing the nursery,a dad holding his wife’s hand as she gives birth or children dressed like superheroes jumping on the bed. It’s my vision to give families a celebration of their life together through the art of visual story telling I come into your home and document your life moments & create a family keepsake for each of my families.

Booking Holiday Life Sessions until December 20th!



The Robinson Family decorate for the holidays

When you're 2, decorating the  tree isn't nearly as much fun as it is to sneak ornaments off the tree and attach them to your own string of lights.

Big brother Ashton, takes a break from trimming the tree and enjoys freshly baked cookies