"new years resolutions!" Hate them.. I used to say "I'm working on my new resolutions, to procrastinate more often". It was my tongue in cheek way/belief that I don't make new resolutions, mainly because I never stuck with them. My younger self would think of all the ways that I needed to change, the goals I wanted to conquer but the list would eventually be forgotten about by mid January. Last year, I noticed several of my FB friends talking about a word for a year. I pondered the idea and at first didn't think it would do me much good, but I spent some time thinking about what I wanted for myself and what one word would encourage me, inspire me through out the year. The word that resonated the most with me a year ago was not what I was expecting but it's what kept coming forward in my journalling.


Fast forward to the end of 2013 and perseverance is what has held me up this year, it's been the encouraging factor for my will to press forward despite obstacles, the determination to keep going despite the odds. I watched several local businesses come to their end, it scared me but perseverance, has been my motivation to keep pressing on. Some days those persevering whispers would make me angry and I didn't want to be reminded but it still kept me going despite the seeds of doubt that would try and creep into my thoughts, causing me to be my own worst critic. But, perseverance has taught me to be patient and dedicated to what I love, it's helped me this year to define who I am, as a person, as a creative individual and as a business owner. It's helped me to think outside of the box something I didn't expect and has brought alongside some incredible tenacious friends who have been a wonderful source of support. Perseverance, has been my life raft that I've carried in my heart, I didn't forget about it by mid-January, it was where it should be, doing what it needed to, reminding me that I am a determined , dedicated and that I'll see my dreams fulfilled.

On the heels of 2014, this year I choose, RESOLVE. I resolve to be bold, courageous, live with intention, to be steadfast, have purpose and determination.

Blessings, Lorraine

Resolve by Lorraine Marie Fotography