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So glad you found me! I'm Lorraine,  Edmonton family photographer, wife, mama, book nerd, traveller. I'm the gal that gets that twinge to go camping or hiking in the woods once spring arrives, I love to go kayaking down the river for the day or venture off down the road on my Vespa. I think of myself as having a bit of a gypsy spirit, the need to go exploring feeds my soul.  

I don't do well with sitting still for long, unless it's to get sucked into a Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls or a Parenthood marathon! I'll be the one hogging the tissue box and sniffling my way through, while drinking my chai latte and enjoying a slice of chocolate chip banana bread.

I love families,babies & kids of all ages. I believe family photography should celebrate your life & all the little moments we take for granted. Dad's that swing their littles far above their heads for an airplane ride or get down to wrestle with their kids.. jump on a trampoline.. or flipping pancakes on a Sunday morning. I love when I capture your little one jumping on the couch.. only to get a stern look from mom or dad..but secretly they're smiling on the inside too. I love the playdough creations, the messy fingers, the walks to the park and imaginary adventures our littles take us on. The sandwiches being made for lunch, the hug at the leg, the tug at the skirt, the puddle jumping and cuddly moments that go unnoticed because as mom's we get so busy. I love seeing little ones pick a bouquet of dandelions for mom and moms say "it's the most beautiful bouquet in the world!".

I believe that life is beautiful in all the moments and I want to be there to document them for you. 

I'm available to document your family across the globe and even for those closer to home! If you're ready to book your session head over here and if you'd like to chat more or have questions about family photography through story telling you can call me at 780-690-0945 or send me an email at lorrainemariefotography@gmail.com

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Images supplied above by  Alora Marie Creative

Located in Edmonton, Lorraine Marie is a Lifestyle and Documentary Family Photographer, on the search for Real Family Moments through out Canada

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Image by Alora Marie Creative

Image by Alora Marie Creative


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